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Supporting Customer Decision Processes

Our solutions provide intelligence to a variety of users. These include law enforcement, cell phone networks, global retailers, recyclers, insurers and the world’s largest logistics companies.

Recipero’s solutions are in use constantly forming part of millions of decision processes for retailers, recyclers, insurers, law enforcement and consumers throughout the world.

Regardless of sector we are proud to have an extensive range of leading brands amongst our portfolio of customers. On this site we have mentioned just a few of them to help demonstrate how our solutions, capabilities and intelligence are used.

We appreciate that needs can vary greatly between customers so please make contact with us at your earliest convenience so that we can help you directly.


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Integrating the Recipero CheckMEND technology with our POS systems and refurbishment facilities was simple and efficient.

Their product is an integral part of our efforts to protect our customers and be in full compliance with local regulations.

Sean Cleland, Director of Recommerce at GameStop

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