Recipero collaborates with commercial and public sector organizations to design, build and operate device, asset and consumer registries that have wide application.

Real-time registration systems that handle millions of members

Property registration was one of the first building blocks in the Recipero device-led data suite of solutions.

The most notable registry is the Immobilize Property Register that is provided to the US and UK public free of charge after being developed in conjunction with police and indusrty stakeholders.

Registry Building

Recipero also has significant experience of working with both commercial and public sector organizations to help design and construct specific registries.

Experience is applied to create automated real-time data sharing solutions to ensure that timely intelligence is available to all users regardless of data-source or user interface.

Fraud investigation


Fraud relating to mobile devices comes in many forms all of which impacts on our customers, their resources and finances. Our solutions focus directly on early detection of these activities so timely action can be taken.

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Crime investigation


Law enforcement agencies use Recipero solutions and intelligence to combat opportunist theft, organized crime and terrorism.

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Asset due diligence


Recipero’s due-diligence solutions quickly address compliance concerns and deliver significant financial savings.

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