Specialists in the provision of device-led intelligence

In todays connected world the thirst for intelligence is unrelenting. So what sets Recipero aside from other analytics firms?

The answer is simple and clear - it is a relentless focus on device-led data and the needs of key sectors.

Whether a standalone solution or provided in conjunction with existing systems, our ability to understand device-led data, identify opportunities and deliver tangible results is unparalleled.

Our solutions cover the following:

Fraud Prevention

  • Insurance claims validation
  • ID fraud
  • Credit fraud
  • VAT carousel fraud
  • Loan default
  • Supply chain loss

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Crime investigation

  • Device theft
  • Crime and person “linking”
  • Asset mapping

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Device due-diligence

  • Transaction due-diligence
  • Asset repatriation

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Registry building

  • Device-specific registries
  • Consumer membership registries
  • Cross-network blocking

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Data is the raw material of our business. We securely collate, aggregate and analyse data for our customers from a wide range of data sources.

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We focus on real-time online delivery of intelligence. All in a form and structure that allow customers to make critical decisions quickly.

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Our solutions form part of millions of decision-making processes and transactions every day. The intelligence we provide safeguards our customers while providing significant RoI.

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Recipero's partners include: