Recipero has worked with mobile device-led data for 15 years. This has been at a time of unprecedented growth and advances in the market. Therefore, our knowledge and experience have become intrinsic to several key sectors:


Telecoms Sector


Telecoms is key to today's connected world and is often the source of the data that we work with. We provide intelligence covering the history of individual devices, through to distribution channels and the network systems that enable these. Recipero has become embedded within many aspects of the sector.

Retail Sector


Recipero works with many of the world’s largest retailers and recyclers to assist them with the real challenges of handling mobile consumer electronic devices.

Our solutions provide benefits all the way through the lifecycle of consumer electronic devices. We help retailers control stock and identify theft and leakage. Recommerce companies use Recipero intelligence to ensure legal compliance. Recyclers use Recipero solutions to ensure they are not handling stolen or compromised devices thereby avoiding associated costs.

Insurance Sector


Recipero collaborates with both commercial and public sector organizations to design, build and operate device, asset and consumer registries that have wide application. The underlying principle is one of providing fast real-time intelligence.

Recipero’s ClaimsCheck solution provides intelligence at the earliest stages of a fraudulent claim. This provides massive savings in resources as well as avoiding the cost of settling fraudulent claims. Post-settlement intelligence also allows insurers to recover payouts where it becomes clear subsequently a claim was fraudulent.

Goverment Sector


Recipero is a member of the UK Government Secure Communities Network (SCN) and a trusted FBI data handler. As such we pay close attention to data security and assure protection of all data that we handle through strict accreditation and penetration testing. Within these organisations Recipero’s intelligence solutions are key in combating criminal activity, helping prosecute cases and in detecting serious organised crime.

These solutions form an integral part of national strategies in the UK and US for tackling mobile device criminality. Recipero also provides advice to other nations globally on building systems and processes to tackle similar issues.

Financial Sector


The use of mobile devices is integral to all financial institutions’ operations and growth plans. Recipero’s solutions support millions of transactions every year, and as such the intelligence covering compromised devices is perfect for supporting risk mitigation in transaction verification and two-factor authentication.