Crime Reduction Ecosystem

Recipero is the leading data aggregator and innovator of mobile device intelligence, providing solutions for fraud and theft prevention.

How does the Crime Reduction Ecosystem work?

The Crime Reduction Ecosystem is a data set built from collaboration with Industry specialists, Government, Law Enforcement, Insurers, Retailers and Consumers that contribute relevant data. The relationships we have built over the years means we have a comprehensive view of mobile data enabling us to form valuable intelligence about mobile devices to help prevent theft and fraud and detect compromised devices.


The Principles Behind Our Solutions

With such an extensive data set, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions suitable for many industries with a variety of needs.

Used actively our solutions reduce the value of compromised devices in the market and provide disincentive to steal and commit fraud. This principle is not new and was actively pursued over 200 years ago by high profile commentators on policing and crime reduction.

Deprive a thief of a safe and ready market for his goods; and he is undone.

. Colquhoun, LL.D. A Treatise on Police of The Metropolis (sixth edition, 1800)

Depriving thieves of a safe and ready market is what the Recipero Global Crime Reduction Ecosystem does.


Recipero's Ecosystem Information

Please use the link below to download information about Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem and product solutions.

Featured Solutions:

CheckMEND image


The most comprehensive device history check available, proven to protect your reputation and profits.

Helping networks, recyclers, retailers, traders and the public avoid handling stolen property and avoid financial loss.

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ClaimsCheck image


Fight the cost of insurance fraud with real‑time intelligence at point of claim and post-authorization.

Verify claims against police and network service provider data to streamline claims handling and identify fraudulent claims.

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AssetWatch image


Active asset theft and fraud detection harnessing the power of Recipero's extensive trader network.

Enhance your asset management to discover fraudulent activity or device theft earlier. Identify staff pilferage and receive pro-active alerts.

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ModelCheck image


Creating savings and process efficiencies through serial number based make and model verification.

Streamline online customer interfaces, improve warranty/insurance claim processes with the best quality look‑up service available.

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Report My Loss

National loss reporting system, delivering instant benefits to the public, police & trade.

Report My Loss provides a simple and efficient method of reporting lost property safe in the knowledge that it is instantly viewable by police and increased chance of recovery.

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Police Systems

Helping Law Enforcement agencies fight mobile device fraud and theft with real-time data solutions.

Recipero's online solutions provide actionable intelligence to help detect crimes and provide evidence support for arrests and prosecutions.

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