Simple, secure online solutions focused on real-time consumer protection, crime prevention and property repatriation.

Fifteen years ago the idea that became Recipero was born out of a need and desire to offer the public more effective and efficient ways to deal with the reporting and repatriation of lost and stolen mobile devices.

29 million cell phones are lost or stolen in the US every year.


That goal has been successfully met on several levels such that today the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem is benefiting the consumer in multiple ways.

  • Indirectly though the long running provision of services to law enforcement (NMPR), business services such as CheckMEND and AssetWatch, all of which have actively worked to identify and reduce mobile device related crime.
  • Directly by ensuring consumers are able to access our key services directly to gain the same protections and benefits our corporate clients have access to.

Recipero helps consumers through the following online solutions:

  • Immobilize – the world's largest free, online asset ownership registration services.
  • Report My Loss – Online loss reporting with direct links to law-enforcement and trade checking systems
  • CheckMEND – the world's most comprehensive mobile device history checking service.

Serious about data security

Recipero takes data integrity and protection seriously, not least due to our direct connections government systems, ensuring that data is held and transmitted securely and that personal information is anonymized when necessary.

To learn more about the solutions that we provide to consumers please see the solutions below:




Anti-fraud and theft protection throughout the device and customer account lifecycle.

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Assisting insurance companies and claims handlers to rapidly identify fraud and mitigate associated losses.

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Helping businesses meet the challenges presented by mobile device recommerce whilst delivering measurable ROI.

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From POS through to back office & operational facilities, Recipero solutions work to protect customers, staff and profits.

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Real-time law enforcement solutions delivering actionable intelligence to officers thousands of times each day.

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Services for Consumers:

CheckMEND image


The most comprehensive device history check available, proven to protect your reputation and profits.

Helping networks, recyclers, retailers, traders and the public avoid handling stolen property and avoid financial loss.

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Report My Loss

National loss reporting system, delivering instant benefits to the public, police & trade.

Report My Loss provides a simple and efficient method of reporting lost property safe in the knowledge that it is instantly viewable by police and increased chance of recovery.

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Immobilize registration image


The Worlds largest pre-loss / theft personal property register.

With over 29 million items of property registered Immobilize is the biggest online asset ownership registration services of its kind.

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Recipero's partners include: