Helping recyclers and recommerce companies protect their customers, employees and profits.

Recipero works with many of the world’s largest recyclers and recommerce businesses, assisting them with the challenges of handling cell phones and other mobile consumer electronic devices.

Our solutions provide benefits to businesses at the earliest stage of a recycling process. Whether that is part of in-store trade and save schemes, or a online process, our solutions are simply integrated into POS systems or can just as easily become a integral part of your online systems.

Trade in cellphone

Smartphones are now almost 30 times more valuable per ounce than a block of solid silver.


For example the CheckMEND due-diligence solution not only actively discourages crime associated with mobile devices, but also works in real-time to protect client businesses in numerous ways. Recommerce companies use Recipero intelligence to ensure legal compliance. Recyclers use Recipero solutions to ensure they are not handling stolen or compromised devices thereby avoiding associated costs.

Recipero Intelligence solutions provide benefits all the way through the lifecycle of consumer electronic devices and beyond all whilst delivering a significant ROI to stakeholders.



Anti-fraud and theft protection throughout the device and customer account lifecycle.

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Assisting insurance companies and claims handlers to rapidly identify fraud and mitigate associated losses.

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From POS through to back office & operational facilities, Recipero solutions work to protect customers, staff and profits.

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Simple, secure online solutions focused on real-time consumer protection, crime prevention and property repatriation.

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Real-time law enforcement solutions delivering actionable intelligence to officers thousands of times each day.

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Services for Recyclers:

CheckMEND image


The most comprehensive device history check available, proven to protect your reputation and profits.

Helping networks, recyclers, retailers, traders and the public avoid handling stolen property and avoid financial loss.

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AssetWatch image


Active asset theft and fraud detection harnessing the power of Recipero's extensive trader network.

Enhance your asset management to discover fraudulent activity or device theft earlier. Identify staff pilferage and receive pro-active alerts.

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Creating savings and process efficiencies through serial number based make and model verification.

Streamline online customer interfaces, improve warranty/insurance claim processes with the best quality look‑up service available.

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Recipero's partners include: