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Real-time law enforcement solutions delivering actionable intelligence to officers thousands of times each day.

Recipero solutions are based around the premise of reducing criminality associated with mobile devices and property.

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In 2013, 3.1 million American consumers were victims of smartphone theft.

Source: Consumer Reports

Since 2000 Recipero have strived to create robust systems that are designed to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence to our users. Working across multiple industries related to mobile devices, Recipero help a variety of people ranging from helping individuals to purchase from online auction/market places with confidence; enabling businesses to more easily comply with trading regulations; and of course assisting law enforcement with criminal investigations and crime reduction initiatives.

Recognised as industry experts Recipero work closely with Police, and other government agencies to deliver thousands of pieces of intelligence to officers each day.

Harnessing the power of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, our solutions have become an integral part of police initiatives from pre-loss/theft property registration using our Immobilize solution, to national loss reporting, to the investigation of personal theft, all the way to supporting anti-terrorism operations (NMPR).

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Anti-fraud and theft protection throughout the device and customer account lifecycle.

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Assisting insurance companies and claims handlers to rapidly identify fraud and mitigate associated losses.

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Helping businesses meet the challenges presented by mobile device recommerce whilst delivering measurable ROI.

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From POS through to back office & operational facilities, Recipero solutions work to protect customers, staff and profits.

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Simple, secure online solutions focused on real-time consumer protection, crime prevention and property repatriation.

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Services for Law Enforcement:

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The No.1 resource for mobile device-led investigation and intelligence.

A simple search from a smartphone, tablet or computer gives law enforcement staff real-time visibility of a mobile device’s life-history.

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Report My Loss

National loss reporting system, delivering instant benefits to the public, police & trade.

Report My Loss provides a simple and efficient method of reporting lost property safe in the knowledge that it is instantly viewable by police and increased chance of recovery.

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The Worlds largest pre-loss / theft personal property register.

With over 29 million items of property registered Immobilize is the biggest online asset ownership registration services of its kind.

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