NMPR Partner Accreditation

The National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) is a solution owned and operated by Recipero and provided to our Law Enforcement customers worldwide.

NMPR provides a window for Law Enforcement into Recipero’s numerous device history and movement databases.

We award the Approved Partner Logo to those organizations that demonstrate a degree of commitment to crime reduction above and beyond any regulatory or legal requirements by choosing to share their data with NMPR.

NMPR Approved Partner Logo

Having multiple data sources available to Law Enforcement Agencies through the single interface of NMPR makes policing more efficient and intelligence more effective.

Sharing data with NMPR also benefits the organizations who are doing so and their customers. It provides unrivalled visibility of the data to policing agencies and is an ideal route for property registries, mobile phone operators, police agencies, marking product manufacturers and retailers to reflect their customer’s ownership, loss, theft or finding of devices to the widest possible audience. This is achieved without any requirement to share personal data.

Where a partner records compromised devices on NMPR, our CheckMEND service ensures that honest traders worldwide will both reject buying the devices and make the fact of the rejection visible to police. This reduces the value of stolen property and ultimately leads to crime reduction.

Getting started

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Getting this accreditation

If your organization provides data to the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem and would like to feature the accreditation logo please contact us.

US Office: (+1) 888 551 1159

UK Office: +44 (0) 333 880 6658

Email: info@recipero.com

For approved NMPR partners we supply a suitable logo and guidance for your use on your communications and website.


Validating an orgainization

If you wish to validate any organization’s claim to be an approved NMPR Partner please contact our support team.

Support: http://support.recipero.com

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