CheckMEND Integration Partners

CheckMEND integration partners provide services or systems that know how to speak to CheckMEND for high volume applications.

To make use of an integration partner you must have a contractual relationship with Recipero Ltd for provision of the CheckMEND service. Once you have this, we issue credentials that our integration partners use to provide service for you without you having to write any code.

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A typical implementation may be with your chosen phone wiping and testing software. If the vendor you use for such software is a CheckMEND integration partner they will be able to easily provide integrated CheckMEND reporting to the process flow within that software. This saves you time and money and gets your CheckMEND implementation operating faster, reducing risk and saving you even more money!

All billing for your CheckMEND use continues to be generated by us and is entirely separate from the fees related to services from your integration vendor.

For more information about our CheckMEND service visit our product page.

Getting started

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Getting the accreditation

For more information about becoming a CheckMEND integraton partner please contact us.

US Office: (+1) 888 551 1159

UK Office: +44 (0) 333 880 6658


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