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Jack Wraith MBE, appointed as Recipero's UK Government & Regulatory Affairs Adviser

11th May 2015

Jack Wraith MBE We are pleased to welcome Jack Wraith MBE to Recipero as Government and Regulatory Affairs Adviser. As people familiar with the telecoms industry will know, Jack has extensive experience in the area of telecommunications fraud and risk and has held several lead roles most recently as CEO of TUFF (the Telecommunications United Kingdom Fraud Forum).

Jack has also served as Chair of The Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum (MICAF), and former Executive Secretary to the Communications Crime Strategy Group (CCSG). In tandem with these roles Jack has also acted as Chairman to a number of fraud and crime related committees within the UK, including Joint Chairmanship of the ACPO Telecommunications Data Communications Group.

Jack’s role at Recipero is to lead liaison with Government, regulators, law enforcement and mobile operators to ensure a coordinated and effective approach to mobile device fraud and criminality is adopted and maintained.

Mark Harman, CEO Recipero said:

Our on-going liaison with law enforcement and Government continues to be a fundamental part of our business in the UK, US, and other jurisdictions in which we operate.

Jack’s experience and his joining us in this important role will be integral to those on-going partnerships and reinforces Recipero’s commitment to deliver the best fraud and crime reduction solutions to the industry.


Telecommunications United Kingdom Fraud Forum (TUFF)

The Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum (MICAF)


Recipero partners with CCA to help carriers identify and prevent trade of stolen devices

Denver, CO. – January 28, 2015

CCA logo Recipero are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Competitive Carriers Association to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen consumer electronics, including smartphones.

Recipero CheckMEND is the most complete international listing of lost and stolen mobile devices available, comprised of data from major wireless carriers and law-enforcement entities globally. Using the CheckMEND tool, CCA members will have the ability to identify lost or stolen devices and prevent these devices from entering the carrier’s buyback programs.

In addition, CCA can help eliminate trafficking in stolen mobile devices in the U.S. and abroad by submitting the respective identification numbers of all devices that have been reported as lost or stolen into Recipero's CheckMEND database. The CheckMEND database can also be used by consumers and law-enforcement agencies to verify that a pre-owned CCA member smartphone has not been reported lost or stolen.

Consumer safety is a priority for our members, and I am delighted that CCA and Recipero have formed a strategic partnership to help preserve the safety of our members' customers

said CCA President & CEO Steven K. Berry.

Giving carriers the tools they need to identify stolen or lost devices will certainly help protect their customers and build loyalty, while at the same time proactively reduce mobile-device theft and the sale of stolen smartphones in the U.S. and abroad. The CCA/Recipero effort is a practical, common-sense business solution to solve a real problem for consumers.

Mark Harman, CEO of Recipero said:

CCA’s collaboration with Recipero marks a significant step in helping the industry address cellphone crime. The availability of CCA members lost and stolen device data alongside our existing datasets reinforces Recipero's reputation for delivering solutions that aim to help socially whilst providing clear commercial benefits.

Learn more about Recipero

Learn more about Competitive Carriers Association (CCA)

Learn more about CheckMEND


Recipero's 2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures

19th January 2015

2014 was a busy year for Recipero with our customers checking over $4 Billion worth of devices using our solutions.

We have pulled a few more more facts and figures from our Crime Reduction Ecosystem that are summarised in the attached infographic "2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures”.

Recipero 2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures


FCC issue clear, focused, actionable guidance to tackle phone crime.

8th December 2014

At the FCC’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting on December 4th ( FCC video – view from 39 minutes ) Chairman Wheeler shared what he will be asking industry to do to reduce levels of mobile device theft.

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Recipero NMPR: the No.1 resource for device-led data investigation in law enforcement (video)

3rd October 2014

To help explain why the NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) is so powerful a short video presentation has been created detailing how it provides valuable, actionable intelligence as part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

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Recipero, mobile device-led data and intelligence specialists, appoint Greg Post as President, North America.

16th July 2014

DENVER, CO. – July 16, 2014 – Recipero is delighted to announce the appointment of Greg Post as President, North America and at the same time the opening of new offices in Denver, Colorado.

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The FCC invite Recipero to contribute to industry workshop on "Prevention of Mobile Device Theft"

17th June 2014

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have invited Recipero to contribute to the workshop on "Prevention of Mobile Device Theft" in Washington this month alongside other stakeholders such as law-enforcement agencies, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers.

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Recipero Announces Collaboration with Sprint to Help Prevent the Trade and Sale of Stolen Smartphones

20th March 2014

Carrier adds its lost and stolen device data to Recipero’s CheckMEND international stolen-property tool to create a robust device-checking process

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 20, 2014 – Recipero has announced that it is teaming up with Sprint (NYSE: S) to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen consumer electronics, including Sprint smartphones.

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Recipero launches US CheckMEND Charter to cut cell phone crime

10th January 2014

Recipero, the global experts in device-led data and analytics solutions, today have announced the launch of the US CheckMEND Charter.

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CheckMEND celebrates its 5th Anniversary in the US

11th December 2013

Recipero is proud to be celebrating CheckMEND's 5th year of providing North America's most reputable cell phone and mobile device history checking service.

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Recipero's Report My Loss service now available Nationally

October 2013

We are pleased to announce that Report My Loss has recently been expanded to encompass the whole of the UK. This will help the public and Police more effectively address the issue of recording and repatriating lost property.

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Recipero recieves the prestigious ACPO Secured by Design award

June 2013

Recipero is pleased to announce that it recently received the highly regarded Secured by Design (SBD) Award for its services and products, including the Immobilise National Property Register service & products, plus linked services including the Police NMPR service, CheckMEND and Report My Loss, all of which are aimed a helping identify, investigate and deter crime and associated criminality.

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Sims Recycling Solutions integrates CheckMEND as they expand into Mobile Devices

May 2013

Sims Recycling Solutions, a global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, has announced it that it has expanded its U.S. asset management services to include mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

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CheckMEND and GameStop Partner to Strengthen Electronic Trade-in Program

May 2013

CheckMEND the world's leading due diligence service for used consumer electronics today announced it has secured an agreement with GameStop to deploy its software in all GameStop's US stores to identify devices that are not eligible for trade.

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West Midlands Police sign up to Code of Practice to stop sale of stolen goods

January 2013

West Midlands Police are one of the first forces in the country to fully embrace a new code of practice aimed at slamming the door in the face of thieves trying to sell stolen goods.

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Gazelle – Leading USA consumer electronics reseller deploys CheckMEND to help identify fraud

November 2012

Gazelle, one of the USA's leading high-end consumer trade-in sites, today announced it has deployed CheckMEND, a cutting-edge tool, designed to more accurately detect potentially stolen goods, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

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