Recipero has run this service for the US Government since 2010.

Trace Checker holds many millions of records of stolen property from over 18,000 law-enforcement agencies in the US through integration with the FBI.

The breadth of items listed is extensive ranging from fine art and antiques to technology devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Trace Checker is unique as a free resource for US citizens to run a simple free due-diligence check prior to buying an item of used goods. This can be from a second-hand store, auction or classified site or pawnbroker.

To visit the Trace Checker website please go to:

The Boston Police are partnering with citizens, the FBI and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to better share stolen property information to aid in the speedy recovery of Bostonians’ valuables and to allow citizens to protect themselves from purchasing stolen property by searching Trace Checker before they buy.

Edward F. Davis, Boston Police Commissioner